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The Mythbusters Cast

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Adam is a crazy guy who loves to test the factual truth of urban myths by the simple expedient of experimenting on himself. Safety gear? Who needs it!



Jamie is more cautious in his approach to busting myths. He loves nothing better than to over-engineer a massive piece of equipment with numerous failsafe devices and orbital re-entry parachutes in order to get the job done.

Myths Tested

  • #897: You can achieve fame and fortune by making webcomics. Busted.
  • #910: Smoking is bad for your health. Busted.
  • #921, #927: Choking on a giant frog is fatal. Confirmed.
  • #940: You will be rewarded for remaining loyal. Busted.
  • #947: Death waits for no man. Confirmed. (see also #1790)
  • #960: You see a white light during a near-death experience. Busted.
  • #980: Nothing is certain but Death and Taxes. Busted.
  • #983: Adding pineapple to gelatin dessert does something interesting. Busted.
  • #1022: US Customs performs full strip and body cavity searches. Confirmed.
  • #1028: There exist humourless government Men in Black. Plausible.
  • #1058: Great white sharks are man-eaters. Not confirmed...
  • #1093: Jumping a shark makes the quality of a TV series drop. No result.
  • #1161: Webcomic artists switch comics on April Fool's Day. Confirmed.
  • #1180: Biting a bullet dulls the pain of surgery. No result.
  • #1188: A Nazi can catch a package falling from a zeppelin by jumping out after it. Busted.
  • #1240: Working with traditional hatmaking chemicals can make you go mad. Busted.
  • #1255: The dead cannot communicate with the living. Busted.
  • #1273: The Infinite Featureless Plane of Death is featureless. Busted.
  • #1280: The Infinite Featureless Plane of Death is infinite. Busted.
  • #1312: You can avoid death by defeating Death at chess. Busted.
  • #1326: Adam can't mythbust his way out of a paper bag. Busted.
  • #1351: It's possible to contact the dead with a seance. No result.
  • #1370: Everyone speaks English. Busted.
  • #1375: You can keep a disembodied brain alive with Nazi technology. Confirmed.
  • #1387: Dead men tell no tales. Busted.
  • #1452: Kevin Bacon really appeared on Irregular Webomic! Confirmed.
  • #1524: Martians exist. Confirmed.
  • #1560: Martians have landed on Earth. Confirmed.
  • #1607: Hollandaise has to contain egg yolks. No result.
  • #1654: AK-47s are so reliable they will fire perfectly after a year submerged in a peat bog. Busted.
  • #1666: There is life after death. Confirmed.
  • #1677: The grass is always greener on The Other Side. Busted.
  • #1694: AK-47s are so reliable they will fire perfectly after a year submerged in a peat bog. Busted again, for good measure.
  • #1699: There is politics in Hell. Confirmed.
  • #1706: Parallel lines meet at infinity. No result.
  • #1714: You can't argue with Death. Busted.
  • #1732: In an emergency, anyone can perform surgery by following written instructions. No result.
  • #1754: AK-47s are so reliable they will fire perfectly after a year submerged in a peat bog. Redacted to plausible.
  • #1774: You can remove a tooth safely with a string and a doorknob. No result.
  • #1790: No man waits for Death. Busted. (see also #947)
  • #1802: The Infinite Featureless Plane of Death is big enough to fit an IKEA store in. No result.
  • #1812: Cogito ergo sum. Busted.
  • #1848: It's "1, 2, 3, go," not "go on 3". Busted.
  • #1869: Black as Hades. Busted.
  • #1877: Charon, Ferryman of the Underworld, takes American Express. Busted.
  • #1915: Drinking from the waters of the River Lethe erases all memories. Confirmed.
  • #1953: Drinking from the waters of the River Mnemosyne restores all memories. Confirmed.
  • #1953: Sirens lure sailors to their deaths. Confirmed.
  • #1960: Drinking from the waters of the River Mnemosyne actually grants omniscience. Confirmed.
  • #1960: The Riemann hypothesis is true. Confirmed.
  • #2024: The world goes on without you. Confirmed.
  • #2081: Time travel exists. Confirmed.
  • #2081: Parallel universes exist. Confirmed.
  • #2162: If you kill your past selves, you create a paradox that tears apart the very fabric of the universe. Confirmed.
  • #2188: God created the Universe in 7 days. Busted.
  • #2367: You can make a vow that if you ever get your hands on time machine plans, you can come back and put them somewhere can find them now. Confirmed.
  • #2389: Time travel leads to paradoxes. Confirmed.
  • #2433: An alien flying saucer crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Busted?
  • #2441: The near future will have flying cars. Busted.
  • #2523: "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" is a good pick-up line. Busted.
  • #2523: "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" is a truly horrible pick-up line. Confirmed.
  • #2528: Alcohol impairs judgement. Confirmed.
  • #2537: You can become your own grandfather with time travel. Confirmed.
  • #2597: You can become your own grandfather with time travel. Confirmed again for good measure.
  • #2669: Greatness is often linked with insanity. Confirmed again for good measure.
  • #2669: You can build a time machine using instructions off the Internet. Confirmed.
  • #2698: There was a huge queue of inventors lined up to patent time machines on the day the US Patent Office first opened in 1790. No result.
  • #2704: Greek mythology is true. Confirmed.
  • #2745: You only die once. Busted.
  • #2765: Mars is inhabited by aliens. Confirmed.
  • #2765: Mars is inhabited by a dying race of aliens. Confirmed.
  • #2765: Mars is inhabited by aliens of superior intellect. Busted.
  • #2915: Time travel results in the Nazis winning World War II. Confirmed.
  • #3108: The Rapture will occur some time soon. Busted, scientifically.
  • #3129: It's possible to escape from a sealed, shark-infested tank of water while handcuffed and bound in chains. Confirmed.
  • #3134: Cutting away and not showing the action scene really annoys the audience. Confirmed.
  • #3381: All good things must come to an end. Busted.
  • #3419: Atlantis really existed. Plausible. Plausible.
  • #3428: Everyone knows metric is superior to Imperial units. Busted.
  • #3448: Atlantis is to be found in the Atlantic Ocean. Confirmed.
  • #3458: Atlantis was destroyed. Confirmed.
  • #3458: Gods will smite those who curse them. Busted.
  • #3480: The Mythbusters TV show has been cancelled. Busted.
  • #3485: There is a parallel universe in which the Mythbusters TV show has been cancelled. Busted.
  • #3492: The Loch Ness Monster exists. Confirmed... or is it? Plausible. Plausible.
  • #3530: Websites that say "Cheapest Flights - Best Advance Bookings". Confirmed.
  • #3544: Glaswegians are particularly angry and violent. Confirmed.
  • #3609: People ride bicycles up and down hills for fun. Busted.
  • #3626: Urquhart Castle is haunted. No result.
  • #3626: Urquhart Castle is the best place to spot the Loch Ness Monster. No result.
  • #3626: Urquhart Castle has any sort of plumbing. Busted.
  • #3679: All Scots are engineers. Confirmed.
  • #3755: Putting a steam engine in a submarine is a stupid thing to do. Confirmed.
  • #3880: A method of writing dramatic escapes in fiction is to write yourself into a corner, to force yourself to come up with a solution. Busted.
  • #3902: You can challenge Death to a contest for your life. Confirmed.
  • #3933: Death is a one-way trip. Busted.
  • #3952: You can cheat Death by exercising more and eating better. Busted.
  • #3958: You can cheat Death by being in a TV show and having nobody find your body. Confirmed.
  • #4090: You will get hypothermia very quickly swimming in Loch Ness. Confirmed.
  • #4100: Alcohol warms you up if you're feeling cold. Busted.
  • #4110: The Loch Ness Monster is attracted to whisky. No result.
  • #4129: It's dangerous to be on open water in a thunderstorm. Confirmed.
  • #4140: Wearing metal armour in a thunderstorm lets you survive a lightning strike. Busted.
  • #4287: It's possible to get drunk from a blood transfusion from a drunk person. Confirmed.
  • #4351: This needle won't hurt a bit. No result.
  • #4386: Hangover cures: Hair of the dog. Busted.
  • #4393: Hangover cures: Full Irish breakfast. Busted.
  • #4400: Hangover cures: Jellied eels. Busted.
  • #4411: Hangover cures: Menudo soup. Busted.
  • #4411: Hangover cures: Pickled sheep's eyeballs. Busted.
  • #4423: Hangover cures: Pickled herrings. Busted.
  • #4423: Hangover cures: Sheep's lungs. Busted.
  • #4435: Hangover cures: Time and rest. Plausible.
  • #4681: Strigoi exist in Transylvania. Confirmed.
  • #4945: Vampire bites can cause you to lose your memory. Confirmed.

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