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<   No. 1370   2006-10-27   >

Comic #1370

1 Hitler's Brain: Das letzte, woran ich mich erinnere, ist ein irrsinnig mächtiger Feuerball...
2 Adam: Jamie! Something's wrong! The brain is speaking... er... French!
3 Jamie: Well it must be a French brain. Not everyone speaks English, you know.
4 Adam: Oh, did we bust that one?
4 Hitler's Brain: Ach du lieber...

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I did half a year of French at high school. I don't think I absorbed much beyond "Je m'appelle David." You'd think I would have paid more attention to the luscious young Miss P. who was our teacher.

Or maybe that was my problem.

2016-05-18 Rerun commentary: I chose French for this comic as I thought it was a combination of a common language with one most likely to be easily distinguishable from German by most people, even if they don't speak any of either.

It's interesting to try and recognise languages you don't speak, just by what they sound like. I think most people can probably do reasonably well with a few select languages, but start having difficulty beyond the most common ones.

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