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<   No. 3129   2011-08-21   >

Comic #3129

1 Jamie: Adam is testing the myth that it's possible to escape from a sealed, shark-infested tank of water while handcuffed and bound in chains.
2 Adam: You know what would make this even better?
3 Jamie: What?
4 Adam: If the shark had a frikkin' laser beam on its head.
4 Jamie: I'm way ahead of you.

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There's virtually nothing that can't be improved by adding lasers.

The crazy thing about lasers is that when they were invented nobody had any clue what use they might possibly be. It was even called the ultimate invention with no possible application. A mere 50 years on, and much of the technology we use every day wouldn't even exist without lasers.

Thankfully, lack of any forseeable use doesn't stop people from researching and inventing stuff.

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