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<   No. 2537   2010-01-06   >

Comic #2537

1 {scene: Roswell, morning, exterior}
1 Caption: Roswell. Next morning:
1 Young Jamie: Morning Adam. Did you...?
1 Young Adam: Yes. Did you?
1 Young Jamie: Yeah.
2 Young Adam: So it worked. We're our own grandfathers now! Myth confirmed!
3 Young Jamie: Not quite. There's still the issue that our original grandfathers are still alive.
4 Young Adam: Well of course we are!
4 Young Jamie: That's not quite what I meant...

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And here we have the tasteful dissolve from the previous instalment of this theme.

Well, if you can call anything in this storyline tasteful. Doing... what Jamie and Adam have done is kind of borderline for the level of PG rating I try to maintain. But the comic possiblities were simply far too great for me to pass up. So you get the coy allusions and none of the details.

Frankly it doesn't really bear thinking much beyond that.

2023-12-03 Rerun commentary: I'm just looking at that background with the scrawny tree and red desert soil and wondering where that's from. It may be one of my own photos, but I don't recognise it. It could easily have been taken in Australia. I don't know if the Texas landscape around Roswell looks anything like this.

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