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<   No. 1607   2007-06-21   >

Comic #1607

1 Jamie: Today we're busting the myth that hollandaise has to contain egg yolks.
2 Jamie: In our practical experimental manner, I'm going to mix up butter and lemon juice, but substitute tabasco for the eggs...
3 Adam: You can't just modify the recipe like that and expect to get away with it!
4 Jamie: Of course I can. It's not a proprietary recipe. It's open sauce!

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I'm not very keen on hollandaise. I think this recipe would be an improvement.

Open sauce describes a product distribution model in which the product is made available to the general public for use, modification, and repurposing with little or no intellectual property protection.

It's cool because it allows you to do anything you like with the sauce recipe. A prime example (although pushing the "sauce" envelope a bit) is OpenCola.

2017-08-20 Rerun commentary: That is one huge bottle of Tabasco sauce Jamie is brandishing.

I'm not sure why I wrote "tabasco" with a lower case "t" in the comic. If I was making this now, I'd user a capital letter.

I'm also curious why I wrote that I'm not keen on hollandaise. Nowadays I like it just fine, particularly on eggs Benedict - though given how fatty it is I don't have it very often.

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