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<   No. 1654   2007-08-07   >

Comic #1654

1 [caption]: ==Mythbusters== Boggy AK-47
2 Adam: All right, I'm ready! Fire that swamp-soaked AK-47 at me to test the myth that it will still work perfectly after a year in a bog!
3 [sound]: Fwackoom!!!
4 {Jamie is charred and dead}
4 Adam: Okay, that was completely not what I expected to happen. Experimental science triumphs again! Myth busted!

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Now that's what I call a misfire.

I've sustained injuries doing legitimate science experiments, but I've never caused an actual explosion. Yet.

2017-12-09 Rerun commentary: I'm just trying to recall now what I was thinking of when I wrote that "I've sustained injuries doing legitimate science experiments". Perhaps mild RSI from playing Tetris for 8 hours straight while keeping an eye on the Parkes radiotelescope as it recorded pulsar signals.

Or possibly the time I was using ultra-strong magnets to hold photographic test charts to a metal wall panel, and two of the magnets clamped together with my thumb in between. (After that incident, they replaced those magnets with less powerful ones. I've been ultra-wary of strong magnets ever since.)

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