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<   No. 1375   2006-11-01   >

Comic #1375

1 Adam: {shown from cameraman's POV, with video framing marks} Here's your brain - kept alive in a jar with nothing but Nazi technology.
1 Hitler's Brain: Ach, Sie sprechen Englisch...
3 Adam: So... you haven't succeeded in doing the same? I win the challenge! I get to return to life! But... more importantly...
4 Adam: Myth confirmed!
4 Hitler's Brain: Nazi science ist no myth!

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There we go. The obvious solution to the problem I mentioned back in the annotation to #1326.

2016-05-25 Rerun commentary: That solution being (to explain in gory detail), show the action from the cameraman's point of view. Conveniently, this can be done with the overlaid video recording interface features on the frame, to show explicitly the point of view that you, the readers, are seeing.

It's fun - and also a bit more restrictive - doing a comic from this perspective, as the shots need to be framed in a way that could plausibly be recorded by a live camera held by a person in the scene, rather than from the perspective of a secret, invisible, omnipotent, and positionable-anywhere camera that is the usual narrative camera device.

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