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<   No. 637   2004-10-24   >

Comic #637

1 {scene: Daylight, a country road outside Berlin. Monty is driving the stolen car, with Sallah in the passenger seat and Prof. Jones in the back seat.}
1 Sallah: We're safely out of Berlin. Now, Monty, what's this about a woman?
2 Monty: There was a Dr Ginny Smith in the next cell. But she's cut a deal with the Nazis and is leading them to Atlantis.
3 Sallah: Atlantis? Didn't you try to float an expedition there once, Professor?
4 Prof. Jones: Yes, but it sank without a trace.

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2013-11-11 Rerun commentary: The LEGO car model is modified to allow Professor Jones to sit in a rear seat. If there's one thing annoying about the LEGO minifigure scale, it's that the vehicles are not really designed to the same scale, so they have to resort to odd tricks to fit the figures inside. Usually there is no back seat, and it's also common for the vehicle to only be wide enough to fit a single figure inside. There's a sort of cartoony self-consistency to the scales used for people and vehicles, but it makes it hard to simulate real world vehicles with any accuracy unless you do a custom build at a larger scale.

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