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<   No. 636   2004-10-23   >

Comic #636

1 {scene: The Oval Office in the White House}
1 President: I'm worried about this Allosaurus; he's gaining in the polls. Do we have anything on him?
1 Advisor: No, Mr President.
2 President: Well, let's start at the beginning... is he American?
2 Advisor: Born in Montana, sir.
3 President: Is he over 35 years old?
3 Advisor: According to our Science Advisor, he's over 110 million years old, sir.
4 President: Hmmm. That's long overdue. Get me Death on the line!
4 Advisor: Yes, sir!

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According to Section One of Article II of the U.S. Constitution, to be eligible to hold the office of President of the U.S. you need to be:

Apparently the White House's Oval Office is redecorated for each President. The version I used as the background for this strip was actually how the Oval Office looked when Harry S Truman was President (1945-1953). What I really wanted was a photo of the wall behind the President's desk, without the desk there, so I could use a LEGO prop to represent the actual desk. Unfortunately, it seems the President's desk rarely leaves the Oval Office. Or at least, nobody takes photos when it does. So this meeting is taking place over another table in the middle of the room, and you can see Truman's desk in the background.

Species of the genus Allosaurus lived in parts of North America and Australia during the late Jurassic period, extending into the early Cretacious, from 156 to 110 million years ago. Allosaurus is the official State Fossil of Utah, but there are also extensive fossil beds in Montana containing Allosaurus specimens.

2013-11-09 Rerun commentary: I wonder if any President has ever requested the Oval Office be decorated in pastels, or neon green and orange. And I wonder what the decorators would say to such a request.

President Bush's suit has again been hand tinted blue in post-production here.

Oh, and by the way, the "S" in Harry S Truman's name doesn't stand for anything, it's just an S. I think that means it shouldn't have a dot after it to indicate that it's an initial letter of a longer word, but Wikipedia seems to disagree.

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