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<   No. 24   2003-02-13   >

Comic #24

1 Haken: So, Dr. Jones, we meet again. {taunting the tied up Monty}
2 Haken: This time, no mistakes. I'm just going to kill you.
3 Monty: You... you... you... jackbooted Nazi!
4 Haken: Really now, Dr. Jones. This is 1937 Germany. You'll have to come up with a better insult than that.

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2011-11-26 Rerun commentary: Wow, a whole new theme! This is the Cliffhangers theme showing itself for the first time. The theme name, like the Space and Fantasy theme names, comes from the appropriate GURPS roleplaying genre book. In this case, the appropriate source book for 1930s pulp adventure is GURPS Cliffhangers. So that's why the other one is "Space" and not "Science Fiction".

Indiana Jones has always been one of my favourite movie mythologies, ever since I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time at a drive-in movie some time after its release in 1981. I think it was a double feature with some other big movie of the era - possibly E.T.. I remember that I was more interested in the other movie, and didn't know anything about Raiders at the time, so was not really interested to see it. Now, my memory of that night is dominated by my first experience with Raiders, and I can't even remember what the other movie was!

I'm constantly amused by the fact that the very first line we hear in the Cliffhangers theme, in the very first panel in which we meet Monty Jones and Colonel Haken, is, "So, Dr. Jones, we meet again." Clearly these two have some long and complicated mutual history on which this line rests - but we don't get to see any of that. This single line tells us a lot about these two characters, right up front. Economy of story telling, right there. Beautiful stuff.

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