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<   No. 640   2004-10-27   >

Comic #640

1 {scene: Monty is driving the car away from Berlin}
1 Sallah: So this Dr Smith is leading the Nazis to Atlantis? We must follow them! But where would they be going?
2 Prof. Jones: To laymen Atlantis is a mystery, but any archaeologist worth his salt knows exactly where the lost island is reputed to lie.
3 Monty: Exactly. Even a sceptic such as myself knows where every archaeologist agrees is the location traditionally ascribed to Atlantis.
4 Prof. Jones: The Azores!
4 Monty: The Bahamas!
4 Sallah: <sigh>

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Besides Santorini, mentioned in #619, many other places around the world have been speculated to be the location of Atlantis. These include:

There are also far too many other places to list them all here. Basically take an atlas, open at a random page, poke your finger down, and yeah, Atlantis is supposed to be there too. So it looks like the Joneses have a lot of searching ahead of them...
2013-11-14 Rerun commentary: At least they're pretty sure Atlantis is somewhere on Earth.

Although given some of the combined theories about Atlanteans and aliens, perhaps that shouldn't be taken for granted.

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