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<   No. 634   2004-10-21   >

Comic #634

1 {scene: A Berlin street at night. Streetlamps and light leaking out of windows fitfully illuminate the dark scene. Monty and Sallah are watching Prof. Jones emerge from the escape tunnel.}
1 Monty: Okay, we're through the tunnel. Now what, Sallah?
2 Sallah: {pointing to a car [arked across the street} We get away in the car over there!
3 Monty: You arranged a car? Good thinking! That's better than your usual escape plans. {Prof. Jones walks towards the car}
4 Sallah: No, we're stealing the car. Some Gestapo agents confiscated the camels I brought.

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This is the first time I've done a night scene. (If you discount scenes that take place in space.)

This is a "Hollywood night" effect. I took the photos with my usual lighting setup, and then whacked the digital equivalent of a dark blue filter over them. Basically, I desaturated the colours, dropped the luminance, and added a hint of blue. I'm quite pleased with the effect - I think it looks like a moonlit night. Then I added the warm glow to the window in each panel and the pools of light from some streetlamps.

Luckily for Monty, his dad, and Sallah, Potsdamer Platz appears to be deserted of Nazis at this time of night.

2013-11-07 Rerun commentary: Camels would look a bit suspicious in 1930s Berlin. Though I don't know why Gestapo agents would have confiscated Sallah's camels while letting him walk away freely. Maybe they just like camels.

And I am still impressed by the job I did on this night scene. The glowing windows and lamplight were not present in the original photos - I added them entirely in post-processing.

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