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<   No. 538   2004-07-17   >

Comic #538

1 Nazi 1: {in the zeppelin control room} Herr Kolonel, die thunderstorm is over. We are approaching die African coast.
2 Haken: You see, Erwin, I told you there was nothing to worry about!
3 Monty: {appearing through a door} Hands up, Haken! {Monty and Prof. Jones have guns trained on the Nazis}
4 Erwin: Not even die ropes we used to tie up Herr Doktor Jones and his father?

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2013-07-18 Rerun commentary: You'll notice Haken is the only Nazi in the final panel without his hands up, even though Monty's order was directed at him. When you're a leader, you need to show contempt and sneer in the face of the enemy. Especially when you're a Nazi.

Although LEGO minifigures are far less directable than real human actors, you can still squeeze a surprising amount of significant body language out of them. It may not be obvious to readers, but I did consider this sort of thing quite a bit while making these comics. It may not be noticed consciously, but I'm pretty sure the effect would come across to most readers that Haken is glaring contemptuously, rather than (for example) giving in meekly to Monty.

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