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<   No. 539   2004-07-18   >

Comic #539

1 {scene: The taver... oh why do I even bother?}
1 Alvissa: Okay, so we're accepting the mission from the Duke?
2 Mordekai: Yeah, I guess so.
2 Alvissa: Good.
3 Alvissa: Now comes the most difficult, strenuous, time-consuming, mentally challenging - yet stimulating - part of our long and arduous quest.
4 Lambert: Shopping for new equipment!
4 Mordekai: Score!

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Ah yes, the age-old ritual of Gearing Up. Now you know they're really setting out on a quest!

2013-07-19 Rerun commentary: I think the closest trope here is the Lock & Load Montage, but I was hoping to find something a bit more specific to buying new equipment.

Basically, every gamer knows that going through the equipment list, looking to see what new and fancier stuff you can afford with the proceeds of your latest adventure, is one of the greatest pleasures of roleplaying.

Which is weird, because I suspect most of the nerdy roleplayer types who enjoy this would be bored stiff whenever they have to do any real world shopping for stuff. (I know, because I'm one of them.)

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