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<   No. 541   2004-07-20   >

Comic #541

1 [sound]: Raarrgghh!!! Raaarrr... ...rrgghh!!
1 Monty, Prof. Jones: {dropping their guns in surprise} Yipe!
2 Prof. Jones: Gadzooks, what was that?
2 Nazi 1: {arriving to report} Herr Kolonel! Someone has let die dinosaurs loose!
3 Haken: Aha! You have dropped your guns! Hands up! {as he and Erwin draw their own guns}
4 Monty: See dad, I told you it would be a good diversion...
4 Prof. Jones: That comforts me no end.

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Before anyone asks: Haken and Erwin's guns were in their holsters before panel 3.

2013-07-22 Rerun commentary: You'll notice by comparing with the previous strip that the Nazi mooks wear the same uniform as the Imperial officers from Star Wars. Who says the Imperial uniforms weren't deliberately designed to be reminiscent of Nazi uniforms?

LEGO obviously doesn't make actual Nazi minifigures, but a generous supply of LEGO Star Wars sets made it easy to put together several uniformed Nazis.

Haken is a different case, taken from the LEGO Adventurers theme, where his minifigure represents the pseudo-but-not-really-Germanic-esque villain opposed to the Indiana Jones look-alike-but-not-really hero.

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This material is presented in accordance with the LEGO® Fair Play Guidelines.

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