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<   No. 1823   2008-01-23   >

Comic #1823

1 {scene: The corridors of the Vatican. The Joneses are striding from the library to an exit.}
1 Monty: The Little General, 1797. Napoleon must have captured the Palladium during his Italian Campaign.
1 Minnesota Jones: Mmm, yes, he was in northern Italy then.
2 Monty: There's no way you could have met him, Pop.
2 Minnesota Jones: No, but I've met a few people who thought they were him.
3 Minnesota Jones: Napoleon apparently wanted to bombard Florence into oblivion during that Campaign.
3 Monty: Oh?
4 Minnesota Jones: But he realised that if he did that, he'd have no Firenze left.

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2018-09-09 Rerun commentary: The Napoleon delusion is so common in fiction that there's a TV Trope about it, and I've referenced it in not one, but two other strips. Okay, so the second one is a direct quote from the film Dr No, but that just goes to show how widespread it is.

As of this writing, TV Tropes speculates that the "crazy person thinking they're Napoleon" thing arose in a 1913 stage play named The Misleading Lady, but Cecil Adams of The Straight Dope finds two earlier references: William De Morgan’s 1907 novel Alice-for-Short, and before that a scholarly treatise on psychology, William James's 1890 work Principles of Psychology.

As far as I can determine, in our history Napoleon never waged a campaign against Florence, but his army did pass through the city on their way from Bologna to occupying the Ligurian Sea port of Livorno. Florence would be occupied by the German Army in 1943-44, but that's way in the future as far as our heroes here are concerned.

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