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<   No. 894   2005-07-08   >

Comic #894

1 {scene: Monty, Prof. Jones, and Minnesota Jones are walking along an Athens street}
1 Monty: If Dr Smith took the train as soon as she escaped from Haken, she'll be most of the way to Moscow by now.
2 Prof. Jones: I knew a fellow who tried to live in Moscow once.
3 Monty: Tried? Didn't he make it?
4 Prof. Jones: No, poor chap. Thought he was Napoleon.

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Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812, entering Moscow on 2 September. But the retreating Russians had torched the city, leaving Napoleon nothing but blazing ruins and an army exceedingly weakened by the bitter cold and battles along the way. Within a week, he began his own retreat.

2014-09-06 Rerun commentary: You may notice the lighting in this comic is rather reddish. That is deliberate, because as the previous comic in this story indicated, the time is now dawn. The sun is just rising and casting a pale ruddy glow over the town.

Yes, I did pay attention to these sorts of details when making the comics. It was one of the most pleasing and artistic aspects of making a photo comic - being able to manipulate the lighting and colours to convey various moods and times. Sometimes the effects were more obvious (night scenes, for example), but sometimes it's a subtle thing like here, though still important for me to get right.

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