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<   No. 1815   2008-01-15   >

Comic #1815

1 {scene: A large panoramic shot of the Graf Zeppelin flying over a landscape somewhere between Rome and Paris.}
2 Haken: {inside, at a window} Ahh, back in die air. You know, I vas quite die barnstormer in my flying days, during und after die Great War.
2 Erwin: Ja, Herr Kolonel?
3 Haken: Indeed. In fact, our Führer enjoys such aerobatic stunts himself.
4 Erwin: Ja, I think I see it coming...
5 Haken: Of course, he calls it brainstormi...
5 Ginny: {pointing out the window} Look, a village!

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The background in all these images is a photo I took on the Rhine River.

(The Graf Zeppelin wasn't there at the time - I've added that in later. In case that wasn't obvious.)

And barnstorming, by the way.

2018-09-01 Rerun commentary: When I was a student in the Astrophysics Department at the University of Sydney, the department had a secretary named Barb. She was an older lady, I guess in her sixties. She was competent and efficient and helpful to everyone in the department. I thought of her as the kindly old lady in the office.

Until I discovered that she had a pilot's licence and on weekends she flew light planes. Not only flew them, but she performed aerobatics.


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