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<   No. 1166   2006-04-06   >

Comic #1166

1 Ophelia: {peering in at Will who is off spinning a tale in his imagination} Will, have you got that document... oh, he's daydreaming again.
2 [caption]: The ship taking the lovely Loren to the New World is attacked in the Sargasso! {a square-rigged sailing vessel is attacked by a giant squid!}
3 Dirque: Arrr! Who'll be savin' the lovely Loren?! We be needin' a hero!
4 Steve: Crikey! This squid's a bit stroppy!
4 [caption]: No, a real hero...!

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A runner-up in the recent art contest, this marvellous piece was submitted by Roman Wunderlich. It took a bit of work to come up with some dialogue that would make this make sense, but the art was so good I had to do something with it.

Will is having a bit of a Walter Mitty moment here.

2015-08-07 Rerun commentary: If I could draw this well, I might be tempted to convert to drawing IWC all the time. There are no limitations on what you can show in a drawing. Although going by my experiences drawing Planet of Hats, it'd take a lot longer to make each strip.

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