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<   No. 240   2003-09-22   >

Comic #240

1 [caption]: If Shakespeare had been born 400 years later...
2 Screen: Microsoft PowerPoint Hamlet.pps {Screens showing such meaningful content as "*Be *Not Be" and a confused guy clip art and a simple "Play within play" diagram}

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Ah, the evils of MS PowerPoint. I have absolutely no doubt that some present-day creative geniuses are being stifled by the medium in which they prepare their work. I know this is supposed to be a quirky, funny comic strip, but just think about it for a second. If Shakespeare was alive today, in our world of email, IRC, instant messaging, SMS texting, Internet fan fiction, and PowerPoint presentations, would he have written anything as enduring as Hamlet?

I've been asked by people if they could use this strip in classes or conferences. If you want to, please go ahead, by all means. All I ask is that you include a legible notice with the following words:

© 2003 David Morgan-Mar. Used with permission.
Copyright 2003 David Morgan-Mar. Used with permission.
If you can't make the proper © symbol, use the full word "Copyright", not "(C)".

And if you use it in a PowerPoint presentation, be aware of the irony.

2012-08-04 Rerun commentary: This is the first appearance of Will Shakespeare! I never intended this to turn into one of the most popular themes with a complex storyline, but instead fully expected this to be a mere one-off random gag at this point.

Interestingly, he's working with a .pps file, not the more normal .ppt file extension. .pps is a PowerPoint slideshow, which opens in slideshow mode when the file is double-clicked. I have absolutely no idea why I chose to show that file extension here. I didn't even recognise it now when I went to write this rerun annotation, and had to look it up, fearing I'd made a terrible mistake!

And finally, as a note on the copyright stuff above (which I'll leave as it is for posterity - not much posterity, but posterity anyway), I'll point out that all of my comics have retroactively been released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licence, as indicated at the bottom of the web page, so you don't need special permission to reproduce them for things like presentations.

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