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<   No. 71   2003-04-05   >

Comic #71

1 Long Tom: Arrr, avast me hearty! What news, bosun? Shiver me timbers! Smartly there, bucko me lad!
2 Dirque: The Governor of Tortuga offers a letter of marque if we put the black mark on Cap'n Morgan 'n' scupper the scurvy dog!
3 Long Tom: Bah! Keelhaul the lubber, and give the swab a taste o' the cat while ye're at it! Arrrrrrr!
4 GM: You know, there's more to 1650s historical roleplaying than talking like pirates.

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This one's for Steve Jackson, who kindly mentioned Irregular Webcomic in The Daily Illuminator, thus ensuring this web server gets pounded into submission by new readers. Thanks Steve!

2012-01-20 Rerun commentary: Ah, the first Pirates strip! As you can see here, they haven't got a proper ship yet, nor a proper sea to sail it on. Nor a proper sky behind them. And Captain Long Tom Short is looking a bit dishevelled in ragged "shipwreck" clothes, rather than the smarter pirate captain jacket he'd be wearing later on.

Oh, and the last panel is truth. There is more to 1650s historical roleplaying than talking like pirates.

But not much more.

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