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<   No. 1354   2006-10-11   >

Comic #1354

1 {scene: On board a pirate ship, at sea}
1 Long Tom: Look sharp, laddies! We be raidin' Port Royal on the morrow!
2 Wendy: Nay! Me father be governor o' Port Royal!
3 Long Tom: What say ye? Ye ne'er be tellin' us yer father be a respectable member o' the rulin' elite?
4 Wendy: I ne'er say he be respectable. Arrr!

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It's been a long time between pots o' rum for the pirate crew, with their last real appearance being way back in #1017. I've wanted to bring them back for a long time, but just haven't managed to think up any decent scripts. Whether I've managed to do so now is an open question. :-)

2016-04-26 Rerun commentary: Port Royal was a real haven town for pirates in the 17th century, and is still to this day a real town in Jamaica. But Port Royal is a very small town, almost totally hemmed in by the sea on all sides, as you can see from a map:

The city is on the end of the Palisadoes, a long, thin spit of sand and small islands which protects Kingston Harbour. Seems like a great place for a pirate town!

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