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<   No. 7   2003-01-27   >

Comic #7

1 Steve: Crikey! Wrangling crocs is getting too easy. I need a new challenge!
2 Terry: Like what, Steve?
3 Steve: I'll find something...
4 Allosaurus: RAAARRRHH!

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2011-11-07 Rerun commentary: It's the first appearance of another new theme! Steve and Terry are of course not even slightly based on the real life Steve and Terri Irwin, famous for their work on The Crocodile Hunter and related television shows. They were approaching the heights of their popularity at the time of this strip, and Steve's larger-then-life personality, antics, and bravado with dangerous animals made him ripe for parody.

I, of course, would never stoop to such levels. It has always been abundantly clear that Steve and Terry are not in any way related to Steve and Terri. The fact that "Terry" is spelt differently to "Terri" should absolutely and beyond a doubt confirm that in the minds of any lingering doubters, as it's clearly not a case of me making a mistake in a badly botched attempt to copy her name.

Also, as can be seen here, Steve wears a hat, which Steve Irwin rarely if ever did.

Also also, as can be seen here, Steve is perfectly comfortable taking on an Allosaurus, which Steve Irwin... actually, he probably would have been fine with that too.

The set here is a baseplate from Enchanted Island LEGO Pirates set, with some palm trees and bushes placed on it. That particular baseplate would become almost certainly the single most used set/background throughout the entire life of IWC. It appears in some other surprising contexts as well, which I'll point out along the way.

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