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<   No. 1041   2005-12-02   >

Comic #1041

1 Monty: {running after Dr Smith} After her!
2 Minnesota: {running} Hmmm... three generations of Jones boys chasing the one woman.
3 Prof. Jones: {running} This reminds me of when Junior had a crush on his French teacher at school.
3 Minnesota: I still say she liked me more.
4 Prof. Jones: I never told you what happened after that dinner date we had?
4 Monty: Dad!! Grandad!!

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It took me literally hours of racking my brain and brainstorming with various people on IRC to come up with a gag for this strip. When I mentioned the setup, that the Joneses were chasing Dr Smith through Kiev, four people independently suggested some sort of joke on chicken Kiev. But since I'd already done that in #923, I wanted to avoid the repetition.

The problem is Russian puns tend to Peter out quickly...

2015-02-25 Rerun commentary: This strip is dedicated to Mlle Parfitt, who taught French when I was in Year 8.

Je m'appelle David. Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix. Ici c'est la gare.

See? I remembered!

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