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<   No. 1040   2005-12-01   >

Comic #1040

1 Steve: {walking through the airport concourse} Crikey! Thanks for rescuing me from those customs blokes!
2 Jamie: It's okay. We're used to dealing with authorities in weird situations.
3 Adam: I guess after your long flight from Australia and that traumatic experience, you want to rest and relax for a while?
4 Steve: Too right! Where's this shark, then?

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Living in Australia, one gets used to flights being of the order of 16 to 24 hours. We laugh at puny Europeans and Americans who think an 8-hour flight is long!

2015-02-24 Rerun commentary: I took care when using the background shot of a plane to hide different bits of the image behind the scenery and characters' heads. This was specifically to avoid you being able to see, for example, that man walking near the engine in panel 2, repeatedly in the same pose, which would kill the illusion of it being a moving background scene. If that man had been visible in more than one panel, the fact that he had exactly the same pose would look a bit weird.

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