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<   No. 1035   2005-11-26   >

Comic #1035

1 Monty: Dad! Grandad! When she says I belong in a museum, she means my attitude to antiquities is outdated.
2 Monty: It's an insult. You don't want to be claiming priority for it.
3 Prof. Jones: I don't think it was an insult, Junior.
3 Monty: What makes you say that, dad?
4 Prof. Jones: {pointing at Ginny, who is running away} I think it was a diversion. She's getting away!

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It's hard to show LEGO figures running effectively.

Actually, it's not that hard, as at least half a dozen readers e-mailed me to point out. :-) I feel stupid for not having thought of the obvious technique myself. I'll use it next time I need to show anyone running. Thanks to the readers who wrote in.
2015-02-18 Rerun commentary: I indeed adopted the aforementioned technique in later strips, and it was pretty effective. So thank you again to everyone who mentioned it after this strip was published.

And to save the suspense, the method is to lean the minifigure forwards, to give the impression of forward acceleration, while one leg is shown trailing behind off the ground.

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