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<   No. 1042   2005-12-03   >

Comic #1042

1 Mercutio: You're kidding me?! If I want my XP admin folder to have my own name, I need to change my name from Mercutio to Henry?!
2 Microsoft Rep: {over phone} Calm down, sir. If you don't want to change your name to Henry, we have another workaround for you.
3 Mercutio: Yes? And what's that?
4 Microsoft Rep: We'll send you a list of people named Henry who have a computer previously owned by someone named Mercutio, and you can swap.

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2015-02-26 Rerun commentary: There'll be dozens of people on that list.

Naturally, since the previous strip on this topic was republished with rerun commentary, I have been contacted by several helpful XP administrators who have offered yet more possible ways to solve my original problem. Despite the fact that I got rid of the offending machine some 6 or 7 years ago now.

Never let it be said that some computer support people won't bend over backwards to help you with your problem! Now I'll just wait for someone to offer to find the old computer and get it back for me, reinstall Windows XP in a manner that recreates the original problem, and then use their suggested method fix the directory name. :-)

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