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<   No. 985   2005-10-07   >

Comic #985

1 {scene: The lobby of the Palast-Hotel in Kiev}
1 Ginny: Curses! They're going to break into my room. Fortunately I have the orichalcum with me.
2 Ginny: This makes it imperative that I get out of Kiev and back to Moscow as soon as possible.
3 Ginny: But all transport links are cut by the weather. Still, better here on the plains of Ukraine than in Athens.
4 Ginny: At least it's a steppe in the right direction.

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Much of Ukraine is covered by the wide, treeless grasslands known as steppes.

My original plan for this strip involved Dr Ginny Smith disguising herself as a nun to try to hitch a ride out of Kiev, but being turned down by various truck drivers, saying it would be all right taking a man as a passenger, but not a nun.

Then Ginny could complain about the distance from Kiev to Moscow:

That's one small steppe for man, one giant leap for manakhinya.
I decided, however, that this was just a bit too contrived - just a bit, mind - and the reliance on readers knowing that manakhinya is Russian for "nun" was probably asking a tad too much...
2014-12-22 Rerun commentary: In hindsight... I really should have gone with that alternate pun.

I'll keep that in mind next time I start thinking a pun is too obscure.

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