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<   No. 990   2005-10-12   >

Comic #990

1 {scene: Second floor corridor of the Palast-Hotel, Kiev.}
1 Minnesota Jones: Room 203. Now, if we can just break in.
2 Prof. Jones: Let me try. Back when I knew Houdini, we used to do this sort of thing all the time.
3 Monty: You knew Harry Houdini?!
4 Prof. Jones: No, John Houdini, my college room-mate. We used to visit the girls dorms at night...

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Harry Houdini was a great escape artist, stage magician, and investigator of alleged paranormal events. He lived from 1874 to 1926, so is actually about the right age to have been to college with Prof. Jones.

2014-12-27 Rerun commentary: The room number plate, as you might be able to tell by the distinct yellow colour, is a small piece of Post-itTM note.

I have no idea any more why I chose 203 as the room number. I guess it was just a random number, using the traditional XXYY format with XX denoting the floor of the hotel and YY the room number on that floor, and both numbers XX and YY plausibly low enough not to provoke immediate disbelief.

Because if there's one thing I don't want to do with this comic, it's provoke the reader's suspension of disbelief.

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