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<   No. 984   2005-10-06   >

Comic #984

1 GM: You're in a 20 foot by 20 foot stone room. A stout oaken door banded with iron affords the only visible egress.
2 Kyros: He's dropped us into a commercial dungeon adventure. No GM makes up a sentence like that on the spot.
3 GM: You know, it really hurts when I put all this effort into an adventure, and you think I've just taken it from somewhere else. Now, where was I...?
4 GM: As you approach the door, an imp appears. "Hello, INSERT NAME. To pass, you must solve my puzzle. SEE HANDOUT 1 ON PAGE 17."

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Ah, "egress". What a cool word. Go use it in casual conversation today.

2014-12-20 Rerun commentary: I really must remember to use "stout oaken door banded with iron" more often in off-the-cuff descriptions.

You might notice that the GM here is holding up a Dungeon Masters Guide (no apostrophe), not a commercial dungeon adventure module. I figured that if I'd actually used a module, such as the Tomb of Horrors, for example, it would have lessened the gag.

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