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<   No. 881   2005-06-25   >

Comic #881

1 Ophelia: Mercutio, you have to do something about Will's Lord of the Rings files! He's written himself into the plot!
2 Mercutio: That's not so bad, Ophelia. Lots of writers do that.
3 Ophelia: As the new love interest for Éowyn!
4 Mercutio: Noooo! She's too good for him!

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Ah yes, the one sure way to get a geek's passions roused. Set up some competition for the hypothetical affections of a fantasy fiction babe.

2014-08-22 Rerun commentary: Or fantasy fiction stud, of course, depending on the preferences of said geeks.

Or fantasy fiction treefolk, I guess, if you're that way inclined. They're solid and dependable, after all.

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