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<   No. 644   2004-10-31   >

Comic #644

1 {scene: The office meeting room. Mr Marlowe is presenting some business buzzword-laden PowerPoint presentation projected on the wall.}
1 Ophelia: {completely ignoring Mr Marlowe} This US election is interesting. If you were American, who would you vote for Will?
2 Shakespeare: {also ignoring his boss} I like the look of the Allosaurus. He seems to have the best policies.
3 Ophelia: Yeah, me too. The main candidates don't really seem to be addressing the issues. What about you, Mercutio?
4 Mercutio: No way! I'd vote for the Triceratops. He has a three-point plan.

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Triceratops is a genus of dinosaurs from the late Cretaceous era (70-65 million years ago), the largest and best known member of the ceratopsian family. Its name come from the three distinctive horns on its head - the name means "three horned face". Like Allosaurus, it was native to North America.

I only noticed after I'd finished this strip that Will and Ophelia seem to have swapped seats since #618. I guess they need to do more to amuse themselves through Mr Marlowe's PowerPoint presentations than just discuss politics.

2013-11-19 Rerun commentary: If you look carefully, you can see that the PowerPoint slide is actually layered over the top of Mr Marlowe's pointer, using transparency. Yes, sad to say, I didn't actually build a working projector and project the image onto the set and then take a photo of it.

This comic also makes use of the common trope in TV (and stage shows in particular), where several people will sit on one side of a piece of furniture, or all face the same direction when they're talking to one another, so that the camera (or audience) doesn't have to look at the back of anyone's head.

(I tried to find a TV Trope for this, but if it exists I couldn't find it without knowing what name to search for.)

EDIT: Social Semi-Circle. Thanks to the 8 people who managed to tell me before I could update this annotation.

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