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<   No. 630   2004-10-17   >

Comic #630

1 Marlowe: {to his staff in the meeting room} It's mission-critical that we functionalise our strategic market deliverable within a 5-week benchmark timeframe metric.
2 Mercutio: But the software we need to do the work won't arrive for another month!
3 Ophelia: Everyone knows half the work on any project gets done in the week before the deadline anyway.
4 Shakespeare: Yes. And the other half gets done the week after...

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I got the idea for this strip in an actual meeting at my work. Ophelia's and Will's lines were said almost verbatim by co-workers of mine.

I was taking copious notes in that meeting. I think my boss was pleased to see me paying so much attention.

2013-11-02 Rerun commentary: I used a photo of Sydney for the background outside the window. The octagonal building visible on the left in the first and fourth panels is the MLC Centre. This was all part of my original idea from the beginning that Shakespeare's office is located in Sydney. This fact is only mentioned explicitly in the strip for the first time in #2267, but everything up to that point is consistent with it.

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