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<   No. 534   2004-07-13   >

Comic #534

1 {scene: The tavern. As if it would be anywhere else.}
1 Alvissa: Well I think we should go on this quest.
1 Mordekai: Not me.
1 Lambert: No way.
1 Kyros: Uh uh.
2 Alvissa: You guys are forgetting one important thing...
2 Mordekai: And what's that?
3 Alvissa: Chicks dig guys who go on quests. Look at Orlando, and Viggo... mmm...
4 Mordekai: I'm in!
4 Kyros: Let's do it!
4 Draak: Draak like!
4 Lambert: Hey, no-one digs Elijah!

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I'm beginning to wonder how long these guys can hang out in the tavern talking about the quest without actually going on the quest...

Of course, if I keep it realistic and they're like most RPG characters, they can keep going for quite a while yet.

2013-07-13 Rerun commentary: More prescient words were never said.

These early Fantasy strips were made about the time that the Lord of the Rings movies were being released, so they were still very fresh in everyone's memories.

I learnt an interesting thing about Sean Bean (who played Boromir) the other day. I was discussing him at work with friends and idly commented on the pronunciation of his name and how it was at odds with the fact that his first and last names were spelt as though they really should rhyme. Yet is name is pronounced SHAUN BEAN, rather than either SEEN BEEN or SHAUN BAUN.

And then someone checked, and discovered that he was actually given the name Shaun Bean, and only changed the spelling to Sean Bean as a stage name!

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