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The Fantasy Cast

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Lambert is an itinerant hobbit merchant. He operates his own merchant caravan, travelling through often hostile territory to get his goods to market. As such, he needs fellow travellers to keep him, his gold and trade goods, and, more importantly, his next meal, safe.



Alvissa is an elf maiden and a bard. She decries violence in all forms and would rather talk to ravenous monsters than fight them. Besides, it might muss her hair. Her travelling companions aren't sure if she's that sort of maiden, and are hoping to run across a unicorn at some point to see what happens.



Mordekai is a lovable rogue. Not a thief. He'll tell you himself. Just check your purse afterwards. He juggles, dances, and cavorts, and occasionally gets into adventures. A lot of people seem to keep wanting to try and catch him for some reason. He has several aliases, and often wants to be referred to by a different name in particular cities.



Kyros is a wizard from a long lost civilisation. He is well-versed in minimising the risks inherent in practising the magical arts, and specialises in fire magic. He doesn't like to talk about how his former civilisation met its horrible end in an all-encompassing gout of flame from the heavens. His favourite trick is impersonating deities.



Draak is a lizard man from the mysterious swamps of the East. Or the South. Nobody's quite sure, but they're pretty mysterious. Lambert has hired him as a bodyguard. He speaks in monosyllables, which means he understands words like "death", "kill", "quark", and "gene", but not words like "mercy", "water", or "hygiene".



Dwalin is a dwarf from the secret underground kingdom of Dwergenberg. He speaks with a Scots accent, because dwarves are highlund pipple, ye ken. He was pressed into helping the party by some gentle persuasion from Kyros.

Map of the World

Here is a map of the known world, at least as far as it stands as of strip #3424. Click the map for a bigger version, or here for a version with the party's travels drawn on it. Thanks to Born2derive for taking on the challenge laid down in #3411.

fantasy map

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