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<   No. 533   2004-07-12   >

Comic #533

1 Ophelia: Will, these Nigerians are scam artists! You can't work for them!
2 Shakespeare: But they're paying me. Look, they sent me a cheque.
3 [sound]: {Ophelia tears the cheque in two} Riiiiip!!
3 Ophelia: Don't be ridiculous, their money's no good. I'm afraid you've been had.
4 {scene change: Nigeria}
4 Nigerian Finance Minister: {checking his computer} Hmmm... Why hasn't that writer we hired cashed the pay cheque we sent him?

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2013-07-12 Rerun commentary: That's a really neat rip Ophelia made in that piece of paper.

This joke relies on the antiquated payment method of cheques. Nowadays such payments would probably be made electronically. I imagine in a few more years most people won't even know what a cheque is any more.

Although for some unfathomable reason they do seem to still be somewhat popular in the USA.

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