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<   No. 4953   2023-04-12   >

Comic #4953

1 Jane Goodall: {on phone} Hi, I want to take out some travel insurance.
2 Jane Goodall: It’s for a friend of mine.
3 Jane Goodall: He’s flying to the moon on one of Elon’s rockets.
4 Jane Goodall: If he dies, I get a huge payout, right? That’s how this insurance works?

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The concept of insurance was invented at least 3700 years ago, as evidenced by legal principles recorded in the Code of Hammurabi, and there is also some evidence of the idea of redistributing financial risk as far back as the 3rd millennium BC.

We can be pretty sure that whenever it was that the concept of insurance was invented, insurance fraud was invented approximately 30 seconds after the inventor explained the idea to someone else.

The Roman poet Martial wrote in his Epigrams almost 2000 years ago:

Tongilianus, you paid two hundred for your house;
An accident too common in this city destroyed it.
You collected ten times more. Doesn't it seem, I pray,
That you set fire to your own house, Tongilianus?

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