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<   No. 4941   2023-03-13   >

Comic #4941

1 Steve: But, crikey! Elon!
2 Steve: If AI chat-bots are taking over everyone’s jobs, then aren’t you afraid a chat-bot could take your job?
3 Terry: Yes, it could be like some bizarre dark parody of you.
4 Elon: Ha ha! Could you imagine anyone wanting to do a parody of me?!

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Let's see if ChaptGPT could take over my job! I gave it this prompt:

I want to write a comic strip parodying Steve Irwin and Elon Musk. The situation is that Elon Musk has suggested that AI chatbots could take over many jobs. Steve Irwin suggests that maybe a chatbot could take over Elon's job. Write a short comic strip script with this premise, leading to a funny joke.

It produced the following (edited for formatting):

Panel 1: Steve Irwin and Elon Musk are standing in front of a crowd of people. Elon is holding a microphone while Steve is holding a snake.
Elon: With the advancement of AI technology, chatbots can take over many jobs that we humans do.
Steve: Crikey, Elon! That's a bold claim. Maybe a chatbot could take over your job!

Panel 2: Elon is looking surprised while Steve looks mischievous.
Elon: What? You think a chatbot could run Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company?
Steve: Well, mate, chatbots don't need to eat, sleep, or take bathroom breaks. They could work 24/7 without complaining.

Panel 3: Elon looks confused while Steve continues to tease him.
Elon: I don't know, Steve. I think running these companies requires more than just working all the time.
Steve: Oh, come on, mate. It's not rocket science! Oh wait, I guess it is for you!

Panel 4: The crowd bursts into laughter while Elon looks embarrassed and Steve chuckles.
Steve: Just kidding, Elon. But seriously, let's hope chatbots don't take over our sense of humour too!
Elon: Ha, very funny, Steve. I'll make sure to keep an eye on those chatbots.

Note: ChatGPT doesn't know that Musk acquired Twitter, so it didn't include that in his list of companies.

So... is my job in any danger?

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