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<   No. 453   2004-04-23   >

Comic #453

1 Jane Goodall: But how to involve Steve without letting him into Africa? Hmmm...
2 Jane Goodall: Hey, Cthulhu! Let me go and I'll give you something valuable.
3 Cthulhu: What do you have that I could possibly want?
4 Jane Goodall: Steve's home address.

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Of course chimps don't have tails. The problem is LEGO doesn't make chimps, and I'm not about to chop the tails off my monkeys. So Jane is obviously studying the rare tailed chimp.

2013-04-10 Rerun commentary: The LEGO Group do in fact make chimp figures now. The interesting thing is that they made this chimp piece specifically for the 2011 series of collectible minifigures, specifically the Zookeeper figure.

Doubly interestingly, many people have speculated that LEGO in fact deliberately modelled the Zookeeper on my interpretation of a younger Jane Goodall, making this the closest thing to an official recognition of Irregular Webcomic! that they're ever likely to give. Whether or not this is true... only some people inside LEGO know...

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