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<   No. 454   2004-04-24   >

Comic #454

1 Haken, Erwin: {fleeing for their lives from the charging Tyrannosaurus} AAAAAaaaaaaaaIIIIIiiiiiiiiEEEEEeeeeeeee!!!!!!
2 {more fleeing}
3 {even more fleeing}
4 {scene change: the other side of the lost plateau}
4 Prof. Jones: Stop! Do you hear that noise? That's some sort of horribly primitive palaeogean abomination's call if ever I heard it!

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2013-04-11 Rerun commentary: Action scene! It's hard to depict fast action in a static medium, particularly one which uses photographs as the illustrations. Odd camera angles and close ups add to a sense of dynamism and motion. In this case there's also the compression of the first three frames into a perceptually smaller sequence of time thanks to the single long speech bubble covering all three frames.

Making a comic like this borrows a lot of the language of visual metaphor from film, combining it with the unique conventions of the comic strip. It's quite interesting (to me, at least) seeing just how much cinematic layout and framing goes into making a photo comic. And realising how often this sort of thing is done consciously by the author, but noticed only subliminally by the reader. (Until now when I point it out.)

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