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<   No. 397   2004-02-26   >

Comic #397

1 Hitler's Brain: So! Your flight leaves for Venezuela at once!
1 Erwin: Jawohl!
1 Haken: Jawohl!
2 Erwin: Ach. This is terrible. Why do we have to be carried along by that old gasbag again?
3 Haken: Erwin! How dare you refer to die Führer in such terms!
4 Erwin: I was talking about our flight on die Graf Zeppelin. What were you thinking, Herr Kolonel?

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2013-02-04 Rerun commentary: I chose the Graf Zeppelin for this flight rather than the more infamous Hindenburg for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the Graf was a much more successful ship, making 590 flights during its operational lifetime without any serious incident, covering 1.6 million kilometres (enough to fly right around the world 40 times).

And secondly, Haken and Erwin already destroyed the Hindenburg back in strip #184.

In light of what we would later learn about Erwin (much later...), perhaps he is not entirely innocent of the double meaning here.

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