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<   No. 184   2003-07-28   >

Comic #184

1 Haken: {in front of the docking Hindenburg} So, we have arrived in Rio de Janeiro.
1 Erwin: Ja. I vas silly to be worried.
2 Erwin: Now I see that zeppelins are perfectly safe. {as , behind them and out of view, the Hindenburg crashes into its docking mast and alights}
3 Haken: Erwin, wait! Did you hear something? {the Hindenburg is a fiery mass of wreckage}
3 Erwin: Nein, Herr Kolonel! {Oh the humanity!}
4 Haken: {in front of the smouldering remains of the airship} Sorry... I thought I heard a noise. You were saying?

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Yes, those are actual photos of the Hindenburg in the background. The originals are black and white, so I added some colour.

And yes, I know Haken is after the Mayan Codices, and the Maya lived on the Yucatan Peninsula in what is now Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala, and Rio de Janeiro is nowhere near that. But German zeppelins never flew to Central America, so maybe the Codices have been moved. You can have historical or geographical continuity, but not both!

2012-05-31 Rerun commentary: Not counting five test flights, the Hindenburg made 57 successful flights over a period of 14 months before it exploded on the 58th flight. These included 16 successful flights between Germany and Brazil, and 20 successful flights between Germany and the USA.

The Titanic really sucked by comparison, no?

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