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<   No. 3886   2018-12-06   >

Comic #3886

1 Jessica Fisher: {played by Angela} Grady! Good to see you, my boy. What made you call your Aunt Jessica after all these years?
2 Grady: {played by Will} Well, I have some exciting news, which I think you as a mystery writer would be interested in!
3 Jessica Fisher: Is it an explanation for why so many people mysteriously get murdered when I'm around?
4 Grady: They do?
4 Jessica Fisher: My little coastal home town has a murder rate ninety times higher than Caracas.

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Just in case it's not entirely clear, the TV show that Will and the gang are making here is a parody of Murder, She Wrote, with one or two added twists, as we shall see.

I originally wrote this strip quoting a murder rate merely twenty times higher than Caracas. But I discovered that twenty times is actually a vast underestimate of the murder rate of the town of Cabot Cove in Murder, She Wrote.[1] So I upgraded it to a more realistic figure.

The TV production lighting effect in panels 2 and 3 was added in Photoshop, using the appropriately named Lighting Effects filter.

[1] In fact, some Patrons got to see that preliminary version of the strip on the Patron exclusive early access page. Sneak preview access is one of the perks of becoming one of my Patreon patrons!

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