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<   No. 3874   2018-05-25   >

Comic #3874

1 Shakespeare: Okay, we can start filming our first episode tomorrow morning.
2 Ophelia: Where will we shoot? We don't have a set. And Theophilus needs time to make period costumes.
3 Shakespeare: The opening is set in the present day, so we can shoot anywhere, with modern clothes.
4 Ophelia: But... planning!
4 Shakespeare: It's art! Planning is contra-indicated!

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Sometimes careful planning goes into creating art, but at other times art can be created with no forward planning whatsoever.

Grab a piece of paper and start scribbling some time.

Or even grab a camera and just start shooting. Stills, video, whatever!

Here's a challenge: The very next time you leave your home, take a camera (a phone camera is fine) and take at least a dozen photos on your walk. Whether it be a stroll through the forest or just down to the corner store to buy a carton of milk. Post those dozen photos online and post a link to them in the forums, or send me the link. Let's see what we can come up with! I'll post a list of all the results so we can share them all.

Let's make some art! GO!

EDIT: And putting my money where my mouth is, I didn't plan ahead what day of the week this comic would appear. As it happened, it appeared on Friday night my time, and the next time I left home was to go for a walk to my local fish & chips place for lunch on Saturday. So I took my camera.

I took 36 photos. Here are 35 of them - the 36th was a second photo of the dog, which turned out too blurry. All of these photos are taken within about 15 minutes walk from where I live.

You may find it interesting how these photos differ from what you could shoot near where you live. To me, however, these sights are mundane, and it takes a special effort to go out and take photos of the things I see frequently. But to you, it's (hopefully) interesting! So you may think where you live is boring and there's nothing worth taking photos of - but I'd like to see them, because I don't live there and I'm sure I'd find them interesting.

And here are some sets shared by readers:

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