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<   No. 3887   2018-12-07   >

Comic #3887

1 Giuseppe: Your cat's lost, Ishmael? Sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help?
2 Ishmael: I said you'd give a free pizza to whoever finds it.
3 Giuseppe: You're giving my pizzas to people now? What do I pay you for?!
4 Ishmael: I'm your delivery guy. Giving your pizzas to people is what I do!
4 Giuseppe: Well stop it!

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Not long before making this strip I got a cool new pizza tile, which you can see in the background on the pizza box. It's a bit less visible than I'd hoped. Maybe we'll see a better shot of it in future strips.

For this comic I had to dig through my LEGO brick collection to recreate the background wall of Giuseppe's pizzeria, as seen in #1235 and #2001. It was a standard prop wall which I built and left assembled for a long time, and it appears in many other strips as an anonymous background wall in other scenes. But I pulled it apart when I temporarily ended production of comics back in 2011, and had never felt a need to rebuild it again. Until now.

It's not exactly the same, in that the individual bricks I chose and the overlapping pattern are different, but the white and grey sections and the window placement are the same. And now that I've built this section of wall again, you may see it in more future strips. Or maybe not...

I also had to dig through my entire box of 2×4 bricks to find the exact same medium brown coloured ones that form Giuseppe's counter bench top. In this case I know they're the exact same bricks because I only seem to have two of them in that specific colour.

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