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<   No. 3730   2017-09-15   >

Comic #3730

1 Jamie: Adam, we have a problem.
1 Adam: What?
2 Jamie: According to my calculations, 7.5 billion sticks of dynamite will cost... over 7.5 billion dollars.
3 Adam: Wow, 7.5 billion dollars! That's an awful lot of money.
4 Jamie: Yet 7.5 billion sticks of dynamite didn't seem like an awful lot of dynamite?
4 Adam: What are you getting at?

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I tried to look up the cost of a stick dynamite, and the top Google hit looked like a very useful and informative page listing the prices of many different types of explosives. I assumed it was the website of an explosives manufacturer and supplier, and decided to try abbreviating the URL to see their home page. It was only then that I discovered the site was a fan page for the roleplaying game Twilight 2000, and the page of explosives was really just an equipment list for equipping your roleplaying characters.[1]

Nevertheless, I took his price of a satchel charge containing four sticks of dynamite for $60 as indicating that a stick of dynamite probably costs more than $1 in the real world.

[1] Yes, I did see the stat column labelled "Damage", but I assumed the alphanumeric codes listed there were some sort of standardised explosive force codes used in real world demolitions work. If they'd been listed as 10d6 and 15d8 and similar sort of dice abbreviations, I would have twigged much sooner.

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