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<   No. 3731   2017-09-18   >

Comic #3731

1 Ophelia: How about this bar?
1 Shakespeare: No, this place is a bit of a dive.
2 Shakespeare: I'm half sure it's a front for some sort of criminal activity. Especially given the sign in the bathroom.
3 Ophelia: Oh? What does it say?
4 Shakespeare: "What, will these hands ne'er be clean? Employees must wash a quarter of an hour, then apply all the perfumes of Arabia."

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I took a behind-the-scenes photo of the set used to create this comic, which I've posted to my Patreon blog as a publicly viewable post. I plan to do some more of these in the future, and endeavour to turn my Patreon blog into a sort of general "here's what I've been doing with comics lately" sort of blog, to get some more usage out of it.

Oh, have you ever run across a ten-year-old kid who wanted to ask you questions about what certain bits of dialogue in Macbeth mean? I did a few weeks ago. He quoted the lines as Shakespeare wrote them too, not paraphrased. This is a boy in the year 4 Ethics class that I teach once a week at a local primary school. He's also randomly asked me questions about black holes and the photoelectric effect. Given that I have a Ph.D in physics and could actually answer those questions, I may have given him a false impression of how educated the average adult is. :-)

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