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<   No. 3723   2017-09-04   >

Comic #3723

1 Jamie: All right, our scale model loch was about a cubic metre in volume.
2 Jamie: Wikipedia says Loch Ness contains 7.5 cubic kilometres of water.
3 Jamie: So we need... 7.5 million sticks of dynamite.
3 Adam: Holy cow. That can't be right...
4 Jamie: No, sorry, it's 7.5 billion sticks of dynamite.
4 Adam: Much better!

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The largest explosion the real world MythBusters ever did used 2300 kilograms of explosive. It wasn't dynamite (it was actually some more powerful industrial explosive), but let's just say it was. One stick of dynamite weighs about 190 grams. So if that explosion had used dynamite, it would have been a mere 12,100 sticks of dynamite. Puny compared to blowing up all of Loch Ness.

Once again comics win over reality.

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