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<   No. 32   2003-02-21   >

Comic #32

1 Monty: Good morning. My name is Dr. Montana Jones, and I'll be your archaeology lecturer for this semester.
2 Monty: Are there any questions? Yes?
3 Student: Why are you carrying a bullwhip?
4 Monty: Class discipline.

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Yes, that's Terry in the second row, right of the guy asking the question in panel 3. And that's Obi-Wan Kenobi from #26 on the left.

2011-12-06 Rerun commentary: Monty is standing in front of a good old blackboard, since obviously whiteboards hadn't been invented in the 1930s.

Blackboards and chalk seem to be disappearing rapidly as whiteboards take over. Some people may lament the change and look back on good old chalk with nostalgia. Not me. I remember the choking clouds of chalk dust when it was my turn to clean the dusters at school. And the dust all over your fingers when you had to actually use the board to write something.

And the horrible sound the chalk made as it squeaked across the board.... Aiiiieeeee!!!

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