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<   No. 31   2003-02-20   >

Comic #31

1 Me: {staring at computer again} Hmmm... hungry.
2 Me: Must be healthy. Need something with all five major food groups.
3 Me: Eureka!!
4 Me: {still at the computer, now eating a big slice of greasy pizza}

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2011-12-05 Rerun commentary: Cereal: the crust.
Fruit & vegetables: the tomato sauce.
Meat & proteins: pepperoni.
Dairy: mozzarella cheese.
Fats & oils: Well, pretty much all of the above!

Pizza, the perfect food!

There's a lot of variation in what does and doesn't count as a food group. Some lists of the "five food groups" remove fats and split fruit and vegetables into two. But that's no fun when considering pizza.

If I look slightly cross-eyed in the second panel, it's because I was slightly cross-eyed at the time. This was about 9 months after I suffered a serious illness that hospitalised me for a month. A Staphylococcus aureus infection took hold in my sinuses, causing massive blood clots and nerve damage. Fortunately it didn't get into my brain or my optic nerves (thus I can still think and see), but it did destroy the nerves controlling the muscles of my eyes, which meant I had no control over where my eyes were pointing.

After the infection was beaten back with the big stick of modern antibiotics (without which I would not be sitting here typing this today - I would have been dead 10 years ago), it took those nerves more than a year to grow back and for me to regain control of my eyes. In the meantime, to avoid double vision, I had to wear an eyepatch.


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